Top 13 Best Massage Chair Consumer Reports (Review + FAQs)

Who doesn’t want to be comfortable? And who doesn’t want a massage? Well, now you can have both with this best-selling massage chair. It features the latest in technology and is designed for your ultimate relaxation experience. This chair will help you take care of all those knots in your back and neck so that you can get on with your day feeling refreshed!

Best Massage Chair Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports on #1 Massage Chair

Consumer Review:

There’s a fight for the chair! My wife won that argument, and I ended up with this fantastic recliner. The delivery guys were so nice; they even helped me carry it upstairs (although my arms are still sore). Assembly was super easy – all you need is an Allen wrench or hex key to put everything together in no time at all. This thing looks great too- hasn’t stopped my older family members from sitting on their own version of “the throne” ever since we got ours last week 🙂

Consumer Review:

I love this chair. I’m 5’5″ and it fits me perfectly, even though the height of a computer desk is usually set at about thirty-two inches from floor level for most people who use them throughout their working day (I know because that’s what my old office chairs were). This particular model offers many different programs with different pressures which allows you to find one that suits your personal tastes just right; no matter if its too much or not enough – there will still be an option out here!

Consumer Review:

The price may be a bit expensive for some but it’s worth the cost. Personally, I don’t like how point massage stays in one place because of my back issues and recent lumbar surgery; anything else would work better if you’re having similar problems as me or anyone that lives with someone who has chronic pain . Thanks

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to sit in a massage chair for a long time?

This is not bad for most people but maybe strenuous for those with cardiovascular (heart) disease symptoms. A doctor should be consulted before sitting in one of these devices.

Can you overuse a massage chair?

Overuse is not possible.

It is recommended that you just use it for 10 minutes or less at a time during the first week of use, then work your way up to 20-minute sessions after conditioning your body to this new experience. As with anything, moderation is key. If you are feeling any discomfort or pain while sitting in the chair or after using it, stop what you are doing and consult a doctor immediately.

How long do massage chairs last?

How long massage chairs last varies. On average, the lifespan of a chair is 5 years of daily use before it begins to wear down, but many of these devices are designed for at least 10 years or more of use.

Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

Massage chairs usually use anywhere from 260 to 450 watts.

Moderate to heavy usage should cost about $3 per month in electricity costs. This will depend on how often you use the chair, of course – if you only use it 5 times a week, you should expect to pay around $90 annually for its electrical consumption. If 20 minutes is your average massage duration, then one hour of monthly usage should amount to $0.06 or so in monthly power consumption (which works out to be about 6 cents per day). All things considered, this is not an outrageous expense at all!

Can you write off a massage chair on taxes?

Generally, the answer is “No”. Writing off a massage chair on taxes would require filing an IRS Schedule C form, which reports profit and loss for self-employed individuals or those operating as sole proprietors. If you are running a company with employees that do not fall into this category, then writing a one-off would not be possible.

Should you invest in a massage chair?

Like any other purchase, you have to decide if the investment is worthwhile for you. Many people looking for a massage chair, already understand its benefits and would be satisfied with purchasing one. It doesn’t hurt to try it out first though!

Is a massage considered a medical expense?

No. There is no provision in the IRS tax code for any sort of withholding or deduction for massage therapy services, which renders them ineligible as a medical expense.

Buying Guide

1. Features

Massage chairs are an excellent way to pamper yourself. The shiatsu and Swedish massage features of these seats target pressure points all over the body with pressing, swaying, or rolling movements that increase blood circulation and relaxation for a more upbeat mood in less time than it takes you to read this sentence! Plus there’s zero gravity reclining positions before providing targeted relief from tension headaches as well- which means they’re perfect if your favorite part about receiving massages is how deeply relaxing they make you feel afterward (whether by themselves or combined?).

Massage chairs can be used for all sorts of different purposes. You’re probably not going to use every feature, so it’s important to choose which part needs extra attention and get a chair that caters specifically towards those particular areas in order to provide relief where needed most! If you want proper foot massage or neck & shoulder pain lessening then buy from respective product lines – there are even specific types with features designed just for each region on your body!

2. Budget

A massage chair is an investment in your health. They range from $500 to thousands of dollars, depending on the features that you want and need for it such as memory foam or armrests with different styles available at varying prices respectively.

Massage chairs are usually more than $5,000. But you don’t need to be ransom’s ransom by the high-end luxury category if your budget doesn’t go that far or you can sacrifice a little of its features for something affordable and still get great quality!

For example, if you only need to massage your back for a short time and are not planning on using the footrest often then it’s best to buy an ordinary chair without reclining capabilities. Similarly, those looking specifically at buying a massager may want one that can be used as both feet or lower body therapy – but make sure its durability is up-to-standard first!

3. Location

If you have a large enough living room, then the bulky and heavy massage chairs are not going to be an issue. However, if your space is limited it might create some trouble for how much furniture can fit in there; despite efforts by manufacturers who want their products aesthetically pleasing they’re still very noticeable when placed next door or across from other pieces that may clash with them (ejection forces after all!).

A perfect place for a massage is your bedroom, which has more space than an office. However, you must measure and calculate how much room will be needed before getting one of these chairs as they can take up quite the footprint in terms of both size and shape!

When you have a massage chair, it’s nice to be able to move them around. You can keep your favorite seat at home and just bring out the wheels when guests come over or if the company is coming for an event!

4. Durability And Ease Of Repair

Massage chairs are some of the most expensive items you can buy for your home, so they must last. A durable chair will help ensure long-term use and comfort from its owner

Massages need special equipment like massage tables or couches with cupholders; however there is often an additional cost associated with these features which may not be necessary on every type of furniture purchased at first glance – but worth mentioning when looking at higher-end pieces because even though durability might come standard issue (or almost), quality parts mean lasting performance over time without worrying about them breaking down halfway through one session!

With the right tools, a modular design is easier and less costly when repairing your favorite massage chair. You can remove individual parts that might be broken for quick service instead of sending in entire chairs with large shipping costs!

5. Warranty And Customer Care

Buying a new product is always an exciting process, but it’s important to do your research and check if the warranty lasts for how long you want. Make sure they offer at least one month of unconditional cash back guarantee in case anything goes wrong with this purchase!

When buying a chair, it is important to make sure that there are people in the company you can talk with about any issues. Having somebody trustworthy who’s available for queries will help when problems arise and questions come up during the use of your new office luxe furniture set! Companies manufacturing or selling high-quality products always offer customer support services which include chat rooms as well as toll-free numbers so individuals don’t lose patience waiting on hold all day long while trying to resolve their problem quickly. is supported by its audience. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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