Top 5 Best Printers Consumer Reports (Review + FAQs)

Choosing the best printer for your needs can be a daunting task. Luckily, we are here to help you make this decision! The first thing you should do is assess what type of printing you will be doing most often. Do you need a printer that prints high-quality images? Or does it just need to print text documents? After finding out which type of printing will take up the majority of your time, you can narrow down your options by looking at printers with those specific types of capabilities. For example, if you want something that prints high-quality images, then go for an Epson or Canon printer. If all it needs to do is print text documents, then consider HP or Brother printers!

Best Printers Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports on #1 Printers

Consumer Review:

I was skeptical about this printer at first because I don’t have a lot of space in my office, but it actually works out really well. It is small and compact enough for me to take everywhere with the ability to print on demand wherever there’s an internet connection! Plus you can connect your phone too so all those pesky printing duties are taken care off once again by technology – just crack open that app store or Google Play Store (or whatever they want us call themselves these days) find “Brother Printer” then enter what kind of images/media needs duplicating.

Consumer Review:

This product is excellent. The only downfall I can think of for this printer would be that it’s a little more expensive than my previous HP, but when you consider how easy installing was and just looking at all the features on offer – one being printing both sides of paper with pictures coming out sharp true colors-I don’t regret buying this at all!

Consumer Review:

I am very pleased with my printer. It’s perfect for home use and I can print from any device in just seconds! Every now and then, you need to connect the LCD screen on top of it but other than that there’s no flaws or problems at all–the only downfall would be if your ink ran out before this point (which hasn’t happened yet). Would highly recommend!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should you look for in a printer?

This depends on what you need each printer for. If you’ll be printing pictures and other graphics, then look for a color inkjet printer in the $150-$300 price range. You can get a decent black & white laser printer for about $200 (try the Brother HL-L2380DW).

You also want to read reviews to see if people think it’s easy to use and has low maintenance required. Ideally, your printer will have a large paper tray so that paper doesn’t need to be reloaded often, which is one less thing you’ll have to worry about! Plus, some printers have templates or direct photo printing so that you can take photos from social media or your phone and print them right away.

Which type of printer is best?

The best printer is a personal question, but some say an inkjet printer is best for graphics and professional quality photos, while others prefer laser printers for higher volume and lower prices.

Which printer is best for home use?

The best printer for a home is a personal question. Some prefer a color inkjet printer in the $150-$300 price range, while others might prefer a laser printer in the $200 category.

Is inkjet or laser better?

This depends on the printer. Most people prefer inkjet printers for high-quality graphics and photos because they are affordable, can print in other formats, and often have templates to make photo printing easy. Some will prefer a laser printer for its low maintenance and affordability.

What’s the difference between inkjet and Deskjet?

The Deskjet has a small input tray and the Inkjet has a large input tray.

What does Deskjet mean?

“Deskjet” is a brand name specific to printers made by HP. The Deskjet specializes in printing text documents and comes with a small input tray while the InkJet printer offers larger input trays.

Does toner last longer than ink?

This is up to the individual.

Many people say toner lasts longer than ink because it’s not liquid but instead electrostatic. On the other hand, others say laser printers use toner and the drum of inkjet printers decreases over time even if it’s rarely used. It just depends on your specific needs which might be something worth reading about online. If you’re more interested in longevity, then try looking for a higher quality cheap printer- the more expensive printers with cheap prices are often cheaper due to lower quality parts that wear out quickly.

Which is better inkjet or toner?

It depends on what you need. Toners last longer than ink and are better for the environment, however, the convenience of a printer with a full tank is better for consumers who want a printer that prints quickly without having to wait until it’s “empty” before printing again.

Inkjet printers have been around since 1984, requiring refills as necessary but making printouts faster as they don’t have to warm up as much as laser printers, which can happen within seconds. This type of printer might be favored over toner because short-run jobs are handled easily.

Buying Guide


Major retailers like Target and Staples are often the first stop for many people looking to buy a printer. However, if you’re not familiar with them or simply want something more convenient than going out of your way on an already busy day-to-day life; there’s no reason why local dealers can’t provide just what is needed!


Local dealers are known for providing high levels of customer service that can’t be beaten. Unlike larger corporations with huge teams, local businesses have leaner workforces which means they take the time to personalize your experience and make sure all needs are met.

If you’re looking for a printer repair service, the local dealers will always come out ahead. They can provide much faster and cheaper solutions than major retailers like Staples who may charge upwards of $90 just to ship your broken device away!

For any machine that needs servicing, your local dealer will be able to come to fix it for you. Not only does this save on the hassle of scheduling an appointment at a more distant location with higher costs but also ensures all work done can get completed in one day so there are no delays!


Local retailers offer a lower price for printer cartridges, but it’s important to note that they charge more than major chains. negotiate with both the retailer and your local dealer before buying from either one if possible!

A local car dealer will try and maintain margins through their service contracts, which is why they value having a customer that buys from them more than once. As such the major retailers know how much business an individual may need in order for them to be successful so as such prices can vary greatly depending on what type of contract you buy with your printer/fax machine because not every person has constant use-cases like printing out invoices or sending faxes but rather some people only print occasional things where others could potentially require daily usage (like doctors).

Additionally, when considering the price for your printer it’s important to factor in downtime costs. With a major retailer, you may have an outage of one month while they fix the problem with shipping yours away or sending it offsite for repairs. The difference can be significant if this is something that happens often – so choose local instead!

A major retailer may make more economic sense if their machine prices are lower.

The need for frequent printer downtime becomes less important in the business world, and it could be that this is why some companies have chosen an online model instead of dealing directly with individual consumers over physical stores where printers would not only cause customer interaction issues but also take up valuable space needed by other things like inventory or staff members’ cubicles. is supported by its audience. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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