How do you download content on Tumblr?

Tumblr is a website where users can create blogs and post text, videos, images and music. So how do you download content on Tumblr? Luckily it’s pretty easy to get everything you want from your favorite blogs! Here are the steps:

1) Click on the “Settings” icon in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard.

2) Select “Export Text Posts.”

3) Choose which blog posts you want to export, then click “OK.” You’ll be taken to a new screen with all of your exported blog posts ready for downloading!

Type in the URL of your desired Tumblr blog and it will automatically download as many pages that are available. If you want all posts, just leave both “Download Pages” fields blank when prompted by our software!

Keeping this in view, how do I find my private posts on Tumblr?

Private posts are found by accessing your blog from the account menu (the human icon) at top right of screen and scrolling through dashboard. To get a private URL, ctrl-click or right click on post’s upper corner with computer mouse; then copy link there so you can share it privately later!

Likewise, how do you get to your archive on tumblr? To go to a member’s Tumblr archive, all you have do is include the “/archive” ending when accessing their site. So if we were looking at NASA’s page and wanted an image from last month in which they showed off Saturn V rocket footage as well has some other cool clips that happened during exploration missions such including one about first men walking on moon; simply type nasa.(link) The post loads automatically after scrolling down far enough without having clicked anything else!

In this manner, how do I back up my Tumblr?

Here’s how to back up your Tumblr account

From your dashboard, click on the account menu which is pictured as a person icon. Click Settings and select Blogs from left-hand side bar of settings options before proceeding to export desired blog for future use in other platforms or social media sites like Facebook (or any number where you may post articles).

Can you hide your Tumblr account?

Tumblr today announced a new feature which lets you make your blog hidden from the web so it can only be viewed on and in its native apps for mobile devices with an PIN unlock screen as well. You still cannot make any posts private, but at least now there’s protection against prying eyes!


What does Tumblr offer?

Tumblr offers a blogging platform that is a free and easy form of art to express oneself.

Is Tumblr available in multiple languages, and which ones?

English, Spanish, French, German and other! Private messages will remain in the language that the sender chooses.

How do you download content on Tumblr?

You can export your desired Tumblr blog for downloading when clicking the settings icon in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard and selecting “Export Text Posts.” After that, choose the posts you want to export with “OK” and it will automatically download as many pages available in a new screen. You also have all of these downloads saved close to where they were exported so if something is needed in another platform or social media site like Facebook (or any number where there is a possibility for articles to be posted), since all posts aren’t private, just leave both fields blank until prompted by our software!

What is the difference between a private post and a private blog on

The difference between a private post and a private blog on is that you can’t upload anything that appears in your “private” blog to any other website, but with the understanding that people who have access to the URL of your “private” blog can view it. It’s also different from having certain posts be read only by those who are following you because people with this ability will be able to view all of them!

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