Is Newsmax TV available on Spectrum?

TV is not available on Spectrum. Newsmax TV is a very popular 24-hour news channel that offers insightful reporting, in-depth coverage and provocative analysis of the day’s top stories.

Cable TV subscribers can watch a free 24-hour news channel called Newsmax. The only requirement is that you have to subscribe either the Spectrum Silver package or Gold Packages in order for it show up on your screen!

Similarly, how do I get newsmax on the spectrum?

Important: Newsmax TV is available on DirecTV, U-Verse 1220 and DISH 216. If your cable operator doesn’t have us just call them to put us in – Call toll free 1 (844) 500 6397!

Is Newsmax TV free on Roku?

The Roku Channel: Your one-stop shop for free and premium entertainment also has multiple options to watch live news, including ABC News, Yahoo! News, Newsmax TV Newsy Cheddar TMZ .


Why can’t I watch Newsmax TV on Spectrum?

Spectrum currently owns and provides television and high-speed internet to 29 million people across the United States. Spectrum offers a number of packages, which differ based on location.

Spectrum TV packages can be found at or by calling 800-527-2020 (in the U.S)

What is the Newsmax TV Packages Cable subscribers need in order to watch Newsmax TV?

Spectrum TV packages offer the following channels that you can check out:

1. Cable Classic Silver package – $34.99/mo., 203+ channels, includes Newsmax TV

2. Cable Gold package – $51.99/mo., 293+ channels, includes Newsmax TV

3. DirecTV (& Regional) satellite service with monthly payment of $35 or save with a 2-year contract for one year at $25 per month (includes Newsmax TV)

4. Online stream on Chromecast & Roku (Newsmax app not available), Premium Pay Per View Events, Mobile Devices via Phone App or Android-based devices! (includes all current programming 6 domains including Newsy Cheddar TMZ )

How do I get newsmax on the spectrum?

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