What does 5+ corners mean?

5+ corners is a term used in the game of pool. It means that if your ball goes into one corner, then it will come out in five other corners on the table. This is just one of many definitions for this phrase. We explore all meanings and origins to decide which definition makes sense for you!

That means 5 or more generally. 5.5+ would be 6 or more. Or over 5 corners would be 6 or more.

Furthermore, what does 2+ mean on Skybet?

It means “at least 2”

And it means at least two teams playing in a league.

League table after matchday 29 of the 2016–17 Premier League season

2+ – The number of matches played so far by team, which is either even or odd.

The Number Of Games Played So Far By A Team Which Is Either Even Or Odd. This Means At Least 2 And May Not Include Subsequent Matches That Have Yet To Be Completed For One Or Both Teams.

Also, what does over 4.5 corners mean? The Over (4.5) bet is the safe option for those who want to hedge their bets during an uncertain game such as soccer, where it’s possible that one team will end up scoring more goals than another without necessarily having played better overall throughout each half-time and period of play–a true coin flip!

Likewise, what does over 2 corners mean?

Market Description. For the upcoming match, will corners be awarded within a specified time period? Over/Under 1.5–2 Corners or More Mean betting on that!

What does +1 mean on Skybet?

1 means that you need to predict if the team will win, draw or lose.

+=1 would mean your prediction is on, but with less predictability than 0 for example.


How many points do you get for a win in pool?

I’m not a huge pool player so I can’t tell you if a win in pool is worth one point or two, but generally speaking being the first to have all your balls knocked into pockets gets you 1 point. The bonus ball that locks up the table nets you an additional 2 points.

The number of points for a pot in 8-ball pool is determined by how many balls are remaining on the game’s break shot (the opening play of the game), with one exception: If no reds (balls) are pocketed on the break, most house rules say that even though there were still balls remaining at one end of the table during this unsteady round, it has become “last man standing”

What is considered a “good” score to shoot for in pool?


8 is a good score to shoot for in pool. A player should never pass a shot. The 8 ball can be missed entirely and you will still have 90 points left on the table, which would be considered a decent score. And if you make your first 8 ball – always an amazing feat- it gives you “the big one to win”, which means that all remaining shots must equate 1 point each or greater to maintain your dwindling point matchup as it would result in you having 0 points at the end of those current rounds without those aforementioned extra shots needed to bring your accumulated score up from 1 point back up to 100% full value at 9 points total.

Is it harder to run out the balls than simply trying to pocket them all without running?

Run Outs are just as difficult, if not harder than trying to pocket them all without running.

Run-outs are often the hardest shots in the game. King of Nine is a great example of this type of tough break because you can’t see how many balls remain on the table after each shot, so you have to plan your next move carefully.

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