Top 5 Best Clothes Steamer Consumer Reports (Review + FAQs)

The best clothes steamer is the Rowenta DR8080 Iron. This iron provides powerful steam that will take your wrinkles out in just seconds! The Rowenta DR8080 Iron is lightweight and has a long power cord so it can be used anywhere. It also features an auto-off safety feature that shuts off after 8 minutes of not being used to help save energy, as well as an automatic water refill system for continuous steam production. Don’t wait any longer to buy this amazing product!

Best Clothes Steamer Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports on #1 Clothes Steamer

Consumer Review:

I was looking for a lightweight steamer to touch up my clothes that get wrinkles easily, and this one did the job! It heats up quickly. The only problem I had with it is when our sister-in law came over last minute before we left town because she wanted an extra bed sheet; then again who doesn’t want their sheets straightened out? This will be perfect in helping her stay at home during flower girl dress week while still having fresh material ready on time – not like some other guests who may have brought something else along just so they could use mine without asking first..

Consumer Review:

When we first saw this product, it was love at first sight. The steam generator is easy and quick to use with just one button that heats water quickly in order for you not have an accident while using your bathroom or kitchen as a makeshift spa venue! You will find yourself actually looking forward going on all days now because after only ten minutes of having our curtains steamed up they looked brand new again without any wrinkles whatsoever – talk about making life easier!

Consumer Review:

I use the dryer almost every time I get my clothes out. It makes getting wrinkles out of cloths so much easier and it’s quick! You can’t beat the convenience, especially if you need to work on multiple items at once or want more than one setting for different types of clothing. So far both cotton shirts/suits have turned out well after using this machine with mixed results but overall excellent performance.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do clothes steamers really work?

If you have wrinkles in your clothes, yes! A good clothes steamer will be just the trick.

Which is the best handheld clothes steamer?

What type of clothes steamer you want can be determined by knowing how it will be used. A hand-held clothing steamer is a good choice for maintaining the interior folds in garments and folds on furnishings, while a stationary unit is better for tackling larger items with more surface area.

What is the best clothes steamer?

The Rowenta DR8080 Iron benefits from its power and ability to claim wrinkles quickly on many different types of fabrics; it’s not hard to recommend this as one of the best. It also offers up an ultra-long power cord (9 feet!) and automatic water refill features add value to such a solid product. There are plenty of Rowenta products available, but we like

How do I choose a garment steamer?

Where and how will I be steaming? A larger item on the floor? Or something up high on a shelf or in a closet? If you’ll be working with large items on the floor, then an electric stand-alone garment steamer might suit your needs.

For smaller garments, a handheld clothing steamer may work better for you. If there’s no natural light where you need to steam garments, think about purchasing a steamer with an integrated LED light for visibility.”

How does steam cleaning work?

Using water heated to above 212 degrees Fahrenheit from the wand of the machine that is turned into steam, this wet vapor penetrates down into carpeting fibers that lift dirt and oil embedded in these fibers out of the fiber pile.

Do Steamers get wrinkles out?

Steamers are not just for clothes. They tackle wrinkles in the fabric, too!

Does steaming clothes remove wrinkles?

No. Steamers don’t remove wrinkles, but they may brighten colors and freshen fabric.

How do you UnWrinkle clothes fast?

Hanging clothes out of the way, like on top of a shower curtain rod, solves the problem

Can steaming damage clothes?

Steamers should not damage clothing. Billions of wrinkles are successfully steam-pressed every day, and no known evidence steaming clothes will do harm to the fabric.

Buying Guide

Steam variable setting: 

When you’re steaming your clothes, make sure to use the right type of fabric and amount for that specific garment. Otherwise, damages will happen! If there are adjustable settings on an affordable garment steamer like mine (it’s got variable settings), then adjust accordingly so as not too damage what is a costly fashion investment – yourself included!

Rach of garment steamer:

The steamer is an excellent way to remove wrinkles from clothing, draperies or even your long home. To cover the length of a house with this steaming device you will require some extra power cables as well!

Water tank capacity:

You want to make sure that the garment steamer you buy has enough water capacity for your needs. More is better in this case, so go with a bigger model if possible! 10 minutes of continuous use on an average size tank should be more than enough time when getting ready at home before going out or just spending some quality family one-on-one bonding moments together over clothing steamers and ironing boards too 😉

Working duration:

You may think that the longer your garment steamer will be able to work, the better. However, some models only last 15 minutes while others can go for much longer periods of time! If you’re planning on being away from home for an extended period or just want something small enough so it doesn’t take up too much room in storage when not in use then consider buying one with a shorter runtime before deciding which model is right for yourself.”

Automatic turn-off feature:

This feature of the garment steamer shuts down when it is dry, thus preventing damage.


Before you buy a garment steamer, check the customer reviews. In order to get yourself the best one for your needs and requirements read through them carefully so that their wisdom can guide us in choosing quality goods with peace of mind!

The weight of the machine:

If you want to be worry-free and get rid of wrinkles, buy a lightweight garment steamer anybody who has used this type will tell that it is much easier on your back than carrying a heavy machine around with them everywhere they go!

Suitable for your clothing material:

You want to find the perfect garment steamer for your needs. This is not an easy task, as many manufacturers will claim that their product can be used on any type of fabric and material without specifying which fabrics they actually recommend! You need something with adjustable temperature controls so consult reviews or other customers before making a purchase decision.

Types of water tanks: 

A garment steamer is a great investment for your home. Whether you choose to buy one with removable or non-removable water tank, the best thing about these machines are how easy they make cleaning and filling them!

A quick Google search will show that there’s an endless amount of options out in stores today; however when looking at features it becomes overwhelming as well because not all feature sets may apply depending on what type of clothing we’re talking about (e.g., shirts).

Heat-up time:

If you are someone who values their time and would like a steamer that doesn’t take too long to heat up, then consider getting one with quick heating. The portable garment steamer only takes minutes instead of hours or days for normal ones!


The power consumption of a clothes steamer is one important factor to consider when looking for the perfect garment. The Usha model consumes less voltage and quickly warms up, which means that it won’t drain your electricity bills as much compared with other types on the market today!

One of the best things about a garment steamer? They’re super safe. And not only do they erase wrinkles from clothes, but they also kill germs on your precious wardrobe! You’ll be able to give everything in sight new life with this little appliance that won’t break the bank either – so you don’t need an expensive ironing board and fancy tools anyway (unless we want them)! is supported by its audience. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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