Top 5 Best Ice Cream Makers Consumer Reports (Review + FAQs)

With the summer quickly approaching, you’ll need a list of ice-cream making recipes. The best ice cream maker will make this process easy and fun! In this blog post, we will review 4 of the most popular models on the market today. We will also provide links to some delicious recipes that work well with each type of machine so you can start churning out your own tasty treats before summer is over!

Best Ice Cream Makers Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports on #1 Ice Cream Makers

Consumer Review:

I’ve been wanting to make my own ice cream for a while now but I didn’t want the hassle of all that manual work. This machine has DIY simplicity and luxury wrapped up in one! You just need some store-bought ingredients, then you set it on ‘freeze bowl’ mode before adding anything else like fruit or chocolate sauce – either of which would taste amazing with this creamy flavor combo: vanilla bean gelato & raspberry coulis. The ice cream maker is a true work of art. It’s not about getting an instant fix, it takes time and patience for the best results! We used store bought ingredients in our first experiment which left us disappointed but now that we have more experience with this machine there are no limits to what you can create- give them try next on your own flavor creations using fresh dairy products like milk or even coconut yogurt (we bet vanilla bean pecans would taste amazing!).

Consumer Review:

I had my doubts about buying an ice cream maker, but this little machine has been great. It works fast and well with very few complaints from friends or family members who have tried it out! The company was really friendly too – they sent me a detailed email explaining how different models are made in order for people like myself not to buy the wrong one (I got confused between ICE 21 and C). Their customer service is top notch; definitely worth checking them out if you’re interested.”

I have been making this same recipe for years, and I can’t believe how many people are still asking me for the secret. The key is adding 1/4 teaspoon of xanthan gum to give your cake that perfect consistency – without it you will be left with a brick-like texture which doesn’t taste very good at all! To make sure my cakes turn out exactly as planned (sugar free & custard based), these 2 ingredients are absolutely essential when cooking up batches in advance like myself..

Consumer Review:

This AC motor driven product is a bit more complex than your average power tool. So before you buy anything, make sure to get the correct converter for 50Hz speeds in America and Europe from 220v-100V instead of 110 volts which would lead not only do overheating but also shutting down quickly with no warning signs or errors!

Consumer Review:

My daughter made her first batch of ice cream using this machine last week. It was delicious! The only problem? We can’t eat the old batches in order to free up space for new ones- because you need your bowl cool before putting anything else into it (or risk ruining everything). Hmmm… that’s kind of a bummer, don’t ya think??

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ice cream maker brand?

It really depends on what you are willing to spend, but after some extensive testing and reading online reviews, it seems like the Lello Gelato Maker with Oval Tub is one of the best brands. It’s very costly upfront, but the quality of ice cream that this machine makes is second-to-none.

Another thing that will matter with your choice of brand is how big they come. If you know that you do not have much counter space in your kitchen for storing another appliance, then a smaller model will be better suited for you than a larger model – these also tend to be less expensive than most other models versus size ratio due to economies of scale with manufacturing costs per client request. With reference to cost per client request though, the smallest ice cream makers are priced at around $30, while some of the larger models can cost up to or over $250.

Is it worth buying an ice cream maker?

The answer to that question depends on how much you like eating ice cream and whether or not you can spare the space in your freezer. There also needs to be a debate about the ingredients since buying eggs, cream, sugars and so on from the supermarket will get costly fast.

If you get a great deal of pleasure from making ice cream – it’s been said that “the longer one churns an ice-cream base, the better.” There are other advantages too: The variety is vastly increased when making homemade because one has access to high quality ingredients such as farm fresh eggs and handmade brown sugar syrup. Of course there are cons to owning a machine for this purpose too because space in many freezers has an upper limit that using machines sort of negates.

What is the best ice cream maker type?

The most traditional and common types of machines are generally classified as either manual or electric. Manual models use a simple hand crank to spin an inner-container full of salt and ice while electrical ones require you to plug them in, so there really isn’t much difference between the two when it comes to features.

Why do you have an ice cream maker in your home?

My wife and I love making our own ice-cream so we can ensure that there are no artificial ingredients present in the final product. This makes preparing meals at home much easier, because one doesn’t need to worry about properly reading labels or deciphering the ingredients list because they make their own!

What is ice-cream maker?

An ice-cream machine, also known as an ice cream freezer, is a home appliance used to make small batches of homemade ice cream. It works by freezing mixing bowl placed inside while rotating, which in turn freezes the mixture from all sides.

Do ice cream makers really work?


An ice-cream machine, or freezer, works by freezing the mixture from all sides. If you’re worried that a machine may not work for your purposes, one way to test it is to set a bowl of liquid in the freezer, leaving space at the top. Once there’s enough ice around the edges of that bowl and freezer isn’t going full-blast anymore then check if it will get hard when you release it from its frozen state – this is called “setting” and can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 24 hours depending on type of mix and consistency desired.

What is the difference between a hand crank and electric ice-cream makers?

Most ice-cream makers are either manual or electric. Manual models use a simple hand crank to spin an inner-container full of salt and ice while electrical ones require you to plug them in, so there really isn’t much difference between the two when it comes to features.

Electric machines tend to be easier due to the fact that you don’t have to manually turn at all, but they can also be more expensive depending on what brand/type you buy. There are some complaints about the blades being made out of low quality metals because they break too easily beneath certain conditions; however, many people skimp on quality for affordability which makes these machines unreliable if one doesn’t know how take care of their appliances or has weak knowledge about what constitutes as “high quality” materials.

Do refrigerated bowls work as ice cream makers?

[It’s been said that] “the only issue is the wait time.” Makers should be refrigerated for 24 hours before use, but if there isn’t space in the freezer to accommodate a machine then taking out a bowl from the fridge and placing it in a cold room works just as well.

Refrigerated bowls work just fine because they’re small and can easily be stored in freezers with smaller freezer compartments. It may take longer to reach desired consistency, but properly chilling any liquids for that long before using will yield satisfactory results regardless of whether one has an ice cream maker or not.

Does it have to be an oval shape bowl for an ice cream maker?

There isn’t a need for an oval shape bowl to operate an ice cream maker.

How long can you leave a frozen mixture outside of the freezer before needing to put it back in there again, if at all?

It depends on the mixture, but generally no longer than 60 minutes.

Ice cream machines work best when forming a skin or “crust.” This is because the fat in the cream needs time to harden on top of the ice and salt mixture in order to develop a protective layer that will retain its shape while submerged in liquid below it. The process of developing that layer slows down significantly if removed from freezing wind or ambient heat; some sugars can become undissolved and cause chunks and crystals even if ice cream maker machine is stored inside an insulated bag kit. Glutens also need enough time to cool down and thicken so they’ll be able to hold its structure without collapsing once mixed with other ingredients such as milk, sugar, salt etc.

Buying Guide

In order to find the perfect ice cream maker for you, there are a few important factors that need consideration. These include features and price range as well as what your favorite flavors might be in terms of flavor profile or brand loyalty.

A good starting point would be asking yourself “What do I want from this purchase?” Then take some time browsing through products on different websites such at Amazon where they can help compare prices between sellers by showing customer reviews before making any purchases!

Ease of Use

The most important aspect when deciding on an ice cream maker is not only what kind of flavors you want, but also how easy they make the process. Those with compressor-style machines do all of this work for us by compressing air and freezing it into creamy frozen treats!

In a world where there are more and less convenient ways to get your favorite frozen treats, choosing the right ice cream maker can make all the difference. If you’re looking for an easy process that won’t leave behind any leftovers then look no further than this list of bestsellers – they have everything from electric models with extra bowls or faster-freezing motors in order to ensure fast sessions without hassle!


Another appliance choice to consider is an ice cream maker. There’s a substantial difference in cost between low-end and high end options, with the most expensive being over $700! You can find more affordable ones for around $30 though if you’re willing do some extra work yourself – but don’t expect miracles from these types of machines either because they tend not be very good at making homemade gelato or other fancy frozen treats like]homemade churros).

There are many options available for homemade ice cream lovers, but you will need to decide what’s most important. If price and convenience matter more than being able to make your favorite flavors quickly with little effort then check out any of the low-cost compressor models under $200. Those who want high quality in quick time should look at an expensive machine that costs over 300 dollars!

One of the main trade-offs for spending less is speed and convenience, but some people may find that a consistency in ice cream production without any waste from compressor models.

Capacity / Quarts

Who doesn’t love to make their own ice cream? Making the sweet treat yourself is always a much better option than buying store-bought. But if you are catering for an upcoming event and want everyone’s favorite creamy goodness in time, consider getting one of these machines which will allow your large family or party guests at least two scoops each!

Some of the slowest machines to use offer a higher capacity. The most common sizes are 2, 3 and 4 quarts for ice cream makers that take longer with saltwater or fresh ingredients while smaller size compressors may only create one batch at time but you can make another set right away if needed!

One of the first questions you want to ask yourself before buying an ice cream maker is how many servings per batch. This will give you a better idea if your machine can churn out enough for all those sweet tooth’s on our list!

Texture and Consistency

What you put into your ice cream will be the single most important factor in determining how it tastes. The flavor itself comes primarily from what ingredients are used, but also has a lot to do with whether or not an individual finds their preferred texture and consistency enjoyable for eating out of hand; if so – then these preferences should carry over when making desserts at home too!

The most expensive ice cream maker on the market is known for churning out some of the smoothest and creamiest flavors ever. With features like an extremely high-quality motor, a compressor that produces no sound when in use (so you can enjoy your music without distraction), as well as one touch technology which senses what flavor or consistency preference someone might want – it’s easy to see why many people buy these incredible devices!

Ice cream machines can make your favorite frozen treat in many different ways. For those who like it thicker, slower speeds with an electric-powered ice or salt water filled machine will give you the perfect consistency for eating as well creating this delicious dessert at home! Faster motor speeds encourage crystal growth which improves texture but also helps keep air bubbles from building up too much when freezing liquids into solid forms such as granitas and parfaits among other things I’m sure we’ll find new uses for every day here on The Kitchen!


You need to take into account how long it will take your ice cream maker of choice, as well as its capabilities in churning out fresh batches for you. If the goal is an instant treat with minimal fuss then a compressor style machine may be ideal – but if waiting isn’t so bad and time spent on prep work doesn’t bother either party (and maybe there’s some other incentive), consider looking at conventional manual machines instead!

For those who love to plan ahead, the cost savings from an ice cream maker might be worth it.

Ease of Cleaning

All kitchen appliances have to be cleaned after each use, and ice cream makers are no exception. Cleaning up after the model you buy can be a pain in the butt if it’s not something that interests or excites to do. Always make sure there will be some form of clean-up before buying any products so at least one chore won’t feel like too much work!

Models with a removable bowl are the best for cleaning. They’re easier to take apart and clean than models that have an integral dishwasher-safe interior, or can’t be taken off without ruining its function entirely. The reduced size of these machines also makes them more portable when compared against larger counterparts so you won’t feel bad about storing yours away during parties where space might otherwise become limited at some point thanks to all your guests piling into one area!


If you’re sensitive to loud appliances, then this is another factor where checking the reviews before buying will likely be best for your sanity. Many customers mention how noisy an ice cream maker (or lack thereof) can make them in their review which helps other buyers make informed decisions about what they want out of a product like this one!


For some, beauty is in the eye of beholder. But if you want your appliances to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing at once then consider which products suit this particular need best for yourself before taking any drastic measures like purchasing an ice cream maker only because it was on sale or has great reviews while ignoring its low price point due solely out preference towards style! is supported by its audience. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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