Top 5 Best Pool Tables Consumer Reports (Review + FAQs)

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Best Pool Tables Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports on #1 Pool Tables

Consumer Review:

This table is everything I wanted and expected. It’s got beautiful hardwood, sturdy construction with ample screws to mount the top in case you want it permanent or just use felt pads for extra stability if needed! The delivery was seamless- ordered on Wednesday evening arrived about 5 days later which included 2 adults (and 3 kids) assembled within 2 hours tops without any difficulties whatsoever! My son loves playing pool while my daughter practices violin at their newly created space; we can’t wait until next season when they are all old enough again so four of us will be able decide where this family plays games every week…

Consumer Review:

I was able to put this table together in about 2-3 hours by myself. There wasn’t any damage and it’s fairly easy if you have some experience with furniture construction, but even so I think that the step of getting something like a starter table can be really helpful for people who are just starting out because then your kids will learn how play at an age appropriate level before moving onto more expensive models when they get older!

Consumer Review:

Assembly is completed by one person, but two people would be optimal for safety. I recommend getting it put in the place you want and then bringing someone who can help guide over top so as not to damage any part of this hefty piece!

I had an issue with one of the legs, but it was easily resolved by calling customer service. The rep told me I would get my replacement part within 5-7 business days and sent them out 3! Once assembled they were easy to level as well as move around in any room we wanted – very sturdy too so that everything can be placed nicely on top without worrying about anything falling apart or moving while you’re playing football 😀


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a good quality pool table cost?

On average, a good quality pool table may cost anywhere from $7,500 to as much as $14,000.

What table do professional pool players use?

Players use a variety of tables depending on the tournament and the table is often chosen by personal preference.

Many pool clubs and bars feature tables where all play is on a level playing field, meaning they are set up to make shots challenging for all players. Some tournaments, however, require specific tables to be used in order to ensure that all competitors have an equal chance of winning the event. For example, 12-foot pocket racks or 9-foot corner pockets instead of 8s. At these tournaments, tables are provided outfitted with cloth surfaces rather than caroms made from fasteners like grout or rubber mats instead of slate liners which can lead to “shine” if players lean over it while shooting.

Why are slate pool tables Better?

It ties in the natural beauty of a pool table with a natural material.

However, it is more expensive and requires regular maintenance.

Are old pool tables worth anything?

Most older pool tables are not worth repairing or restoring because of how expensive the process would be.

Are crywolf pool tables any good?

Crywolf pool tables are the bomb! They have everything you need to have an excellent game. It has a crystal clear finish that will not fade, features top of the line Duracel Lincoln surface with never-twist edge, triple lock system on all joints for reduced maintenance and 6 sets of long-throw wooden balls that give shots extra strength. You’ll get several high quality equipment to get started for just $1999, which is unheard of in this industry.

Should I get a 9 foot pool table?

That decision is entirely up to you. This table will better suit a smaller space, while a 10 foot table is ideal for gathering friends and making the most of your room.

Having an 8-foot pool table can feel like trying to fit 27 inches of pizza into a 33-inch box when, in reality, it needs at least 34 inches or more. There are some pros and cons that come with each one; we will go over them here.

9 Foot Pool Table:

Pros: these tables offer 3 less inch in playing surface than an 8-foot model which means targets may seem larger and be easier to make shots on You can play with pockets 3″ wider (2¼”) than any other size because the playing surface is proportionately bigger than a smaller table. Cons: they are harder to fit into rooms and usually require at least a 110″ x 55″ space, which can be challenging in some homes

What should I look for when buying a pool table?


There are four materials that pool tables are made out of; three of which will last much longer than the other. These three include hybrid slate, pressed wood and solid maple. The fourth option is a “conversion table,” where the playing field is made up of an aluminum-coated surface and felt and not slate. While this does offer some advantages such as improved playability, we recommend hybrids because they do not require nearly as much maintenance.-Number of Available Tables: You should be looking for pool tables with at least two available tables in order to give you more playing options. If you prefer to shoot from below or over-the-top, then your need may vary depending there on what type of motion is preferred.-Ch

Are Supreme pool tables good?

Maybe. Supreme Pool Tables is a relatively new company that specializes in billiard tables, but there are other factors to consider as well before making the decision on whether or not Supreme pool tables are good.

Firstly, the average price for one of their products ranges from $3200 and up. Given you can find cheaper ones elsewhere, this might not be your first choice if using an outside vendor. But if you don’t want any difficulties with warranties, etc., then it would be advisable to pay the extra bit for peace of mind and good customer service that’s included with choosing Supreme Pool Tables.

Do snooker tables still have slate beds?

Almost all snooker and pool tables in the UK and Ireland today have an aluminum-coated surface which is not slate. Slate beds are still available but they’re mostly found in America, where the cost is much cheaper to buy.

How heavy is a supreme pool table?

A Supreme pool table will average around 450 pounds depending on the model you choose.

Buying Guide

Table Types

Pool tables come in many different sizes, shapes and materials. The best way to choose which one is for you: know what your requirements are before buying!

Basic Table Construction (Slate)

The table cabinet is usually a large wooden frame, rectangular in shape and made from planks of thick hardwood. It can be found anywhere but it’s typically used for country style tables or those with more traditional designs – so if you’re looking to add some rustic flair then this would work well! Be sure to educate yourself on how robust these frames actually are before buying one because they will affect both stability (the ability your table has when standing) as well as weight distribution: end-to-end pieces aren’t necessary since side supports take up most load instead. Designs vary quite often too; whether its slate supported by two cross beams like normal tables.

Pool Table Sizes & Spacing

In order to purchase a pool table, it’s important that you have ample space for the table. A lot of first-time buyers underestimate how much room is required and end up disappointed when they buy too small or not at all! You should also consider what size cues will be used on your new possession as well as whether adults are going go use with children in some parts (if there’s no adult section). Don’t forget about having extra balls handy so everyone can shoot around without running out quickly – this could cost less than buying from somewhere else later down the line if someone steps on one while walking past…

The size of your pool table is a major decision factor in whether it’s for personal or professional use. You’ll need to take into account both how you plan on using the cue at home and where the play space will be located, as well as other factors such what feel one wants their game room/home bar setup have (larger vs smaller).


Whether you’re looking for a long term investment or just want to have the most fun possible at your next party, know that purchasing an affordable table is not as easy. If solid construction (our recommendation) and high quality are what’s desired in this instance then budgeting up towards $2k may be necessary; however there can still plenty of enjoyment from those with tight budgets too!

Where To Buy

The best way to buy a pool table is by going online. With so many companies offering affordable prices and high quality products, it’s never been easier than now for someone in search of their perfect game room furniture set!

When shopping for a pool table, there are many things to consider. The price difference can be significant between online and in-store purchases as well as the salesman’s influence on your purchase decision (those without may have no problem) . Be sure you ask questions about everything from shipping costs, taxes etc when considering an offline or retail option – after all this is important information that will shape how much time it takes away from playing! Finally don’t forget about length of warranty if buying second hand; even though these tables might seem like they’ll last forever now… is supported by its audience. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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