Why is EA stock dropping?

EA has been around for over 30 years, but in recent months the stock price has declined significantly. What is going on with EA? Investors are concerned about the company’s future prospects. The video game industry is changing, and many people feel that EA hasn’t kept up with that change well enough to stop the decline of its share price.

‘EA stock was down 6% to $105 in the after-hours session, following news that Apex Legends has not reached its 50 million player milestone. The company did not provide an updated number of players for their popular battle royal game, which analysts are largely positive about.’

Consequently, why is EA stock going down?

EA stock fell after a “B+ quarter” in which they failed to meet analyst’s expectations. Investors were expecting $2.65/share and better guidance, so EA failing on both metrics gave them reason for concern over the company going forward.

EA Games publishes games that lose them money because they learned sports fans are more than willing to play annual releases, even if the only difference between each release is cosmetic.

Subsequently, one may also ask, is EA stock a good buy?

Zacks has a strong buy rating, with an annualized return of 24.47%.

Zacks is the place to go if you are looking for stocks that have good prospects in terms of their returns and growth potentials. According Zacks’ Style Scorecard, companies rated as “strong buys” returned on average about 24% per year over five years while those ranked at 4 (sell) had less than 6% chance or none whatsoever of beating inflation by more than 3%.

How much money has EA lost?

The company lost $641 million in the quarter ending December 31, 2008.


– What is EA?

EA, which stands for Entertainment Association is a multinational video game company that publishes games that have been developed with triple A graphics and immersive single player levels.

– What are the goals of EA?

The goal of EA is to create the best possible video game experience for gamers. They do this by seeking out award-winning talent, publishing major franchises, and focusing on immersive gameplay.”

– Why did EA stock drop?

“EA’s stock fell after a “B+ quarter” which failed to meet analysts’ expectations. They were expecting $2.65/share and better guidance, so EA failing on both metrics gave them reason for concern over the company going forward.”

– How can I buy shares in Ea games company? -Who runs EA Games?

You can buy stocks in EA on the Nasdaq exchange. EA’s CEO is Andrew Wilson.

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